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 LFBC Annual Golf Tournament

Supports the YOUTH in our community! 

Friday, June 12, 2015  8 AM–3 PM

youth LFBC programs
To learn more about our Annual Golf Tournament, please click the link above in BLUE.  To Sign Up for the Golf Tournament, click the Sign Up button in GOLD at top right.  ⇒⇒
                               Our Christian Youth Programs
Our youth work and serve the community by cleaning up yards for the elderly, marching in the Washington DC Memorial Day parade, speaking at the Wreath Laying Ceremony, participating in the Tuskegee Airmen Program and more.
Little Forest Baptist Church supports the youth in our community through year round Christian programming.  Our Pastor and dedicated youth leaders have inspired countless young people by sharing their faith and love. Youth Leaders work tirelessly teaching Bible lessons, helping with homework, preparing youth for spelling bees and Christian pageants, providing meals, planning events/trips and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for helping us to continue our work through your participation and generous donations.